Safety Policy for Supreme Hamson Energy Limited


Supreme Hamson Energy Limited is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of its employees, contractors, clients, and the environment in which we operate. This Safety Policy outlines our commitment to maintaining a safe work environment, preventing accidents, and complying with applicable laws and regulations.

Why Choose Us

Supreme Hamson Energy Limited differentiates itself through:

Experienced Team

The company is led by Capt Harrison Mailafia, who brings extensive industry experience and expertise to the business.

Quality Service

SHENERGY is committed to delivering high-quality services that meet or exceed client expectations, ensuring customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Strong Partnerships

The company has established strategic partnerships with reputable suppliers and industry stakeholders, enabling reliable and efficient procurement of equipment and resources.

Safety and Compliance

SHENERGY prioritizes safety and adheres to stringent industry standards and regulations, ensuring a safe working environment for employees and clients.



  • Management is responsible for providing leadership and resources to develop, implement, and maintain an effective safety management system.
  • Management will ensure that all employees receive appropriate safety training and have access to necessary safety equipment and resources.


  • All employees are responsible for following safety procedures and guidelines, reporting any unsafe conditions or incidents, and actively participating in safety training programs.

  • Employees must prioritize safety and act in a manner that protects themselves, their colleagues, clients, and the environment.

Contractors and Visitors

  • Contractors and visitors are expected to adhere to our safety policies and procedures while on our premises or working on our behalf.
  • Contractors and visitors must familiarize themselves with our safety guidelines and report any safety concerns to the appropriate personnel.

Safety Procedures

Risk Assessment

  • We will conduct regular risk assessments to identify potential hazards and implement appropriate control measures to minimize risks.

  • Risk assessments will be documented, and necessary actions will be taken to mitigate identified risks.

Training and Education

  • We will provide adequate safety training and education programs to ensure that employees are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform their tasks safely.

  • Training programs will be regularly reviewed and updated to address emerging safety concerns.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Appropriate personal protective equipment will be provided to employees based on the nature of their work.

  • Employees are responsible for wearing and maintaining their PPE in good condition.

Incident Reporting and Investigation

  •  All incidents, accidents, near misses, and hazardous conditions must be reported promptly to the designated safety officer.

  • Thorough investigations will be conducted to determine the root causes of incidents and implement corrective actions to prevent recurrence.

Emergency Preparedness

  •  We will develop and maintain emergency response plans to address potential emergencies such as fires, spills, or other hazardous situations.

  • Emergency response plans will be communicated to employees and periodically tested to ensure effectiveness.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

  • We are committed to complying with all applicable health, safety, and environmental laws and regulations.

  • Regular audits and inspections will be conducted to assess compliance and identify areas for improvement.

Continuous Improvement

  •  We will continuously monitor and evaluate our safety performance to identify areas for improvement.
  • Feedback from employees, contractors, and clients will be actively sought and used to enhance our safety policies and procedures.

By adhering to this Safety Policy, we aim to create a culture of safety where everyone is responsible for ensuring a safe work environment. This policy applies to all employees, contractors, and visitors associated with Supreme Hamson Energy Limited.