What Services We Offer

SHENERGY is committed to delivering high-quality services that meet or exceed client expectations, ensuring customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Oil and Gas Servicing

Supreme Hamson Energy Limited provides a range of services in the oil and gas industry, including maintenance, repair, and technical support for oil and gas facilities.

Technical Services

SHENERGY offers technical consulting and support services for oil and gas projects. This includes engineering design, project management, and technical advisory services.

Business of Upstream and Downstream

The company is involved in both upstream and downstream activities in the oil and gas industry. This includes exploration, production, refining, distribution, and marketing of oil and gas products.

Manpower Services

The company provides skilled personnel for various roles in the oil and gas industry. They offer recruitment, training, and deployment of qualified professionals to support project operations.

Operation of Refineries and Tank Farms

Supreme Hamson Energy Limited operates refineries and tank farms for the storage and processing of crude oil and petroleum products.

Ship Chandling

The company provides ship chandling services, which involve supplying provisions, equipment, and other necessary items to vessels operating in the maritime industry.

Crew Mobilization

Supreme Hamson Energy Limited specializes in the mobilization of crew members for offshore operations. They ensure the timely deployment and management of skilled personnel to meet project requirements.

Procurement of Offshore Equipment

The company specializes in the procurement of offshore equipment required for oil and gas operations. This includes sourcing, purchasing, and delivering various equipment and supplies to offshore locations.

Ship Chartering

The company engages in ship chartering services, which involve the hiring or leasing of vessels for various purposes, including transportation of goods, personnel, or equipment.

Training Consultancy

SHENERGY offers training and consultancy services in the oil and gas sector. They provide specialized courses and workshops to enhance the skills and knowledge of industry professionals.

Installation of Rigs and Pipe Laying

SHENERGY offers expertise in the installation of rigs, platforms, and pipelines for oil and gas exploration and production. They ensure proper installation and maintenance of these structures.

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The oil and gas industry in Nigeria and globally presents significant opportunities, the company can leverage its expertise to cater to the growing demand for oil and gas services, both domestically and internationally